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Edifah sarl

Editing and publishing house / Issues 3 publications:

• Moms & toBe
A magazine focusing on the daily needs and concerns of every mom with children.
It is filled with helpful information about pregnancy and all the childhood years a wonderfull way to learn about the stages as you experience them.

Moms & to Be supports women in challenging life experiences from pregnancy to being a good parent by giving them all the information they need in a concentrated yet simple reader oriented way. website:

• Fitness New
A premiere Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Newsletter offering professional Advice, Information and Products to those seeking to improve their health and longevity as well as creating awareness about health related issues and attempting at persuading people to better preserve their bodies.

• Wiz Kids
A guide and reference for parents and any other person in contact with Kids.
A guide providing practical information and addresses from birth onwards assisting and facilitating every person's quest. Mothers, fathers, grand parents, aunts and uncles alike will find in this guide an unprecedented indispensable tool for managing daily chores and activities with Kids.

Ets F.A Hosri

• HIS (Hosri Insurance Services)
Liscenced #1 insurance broker in Lebanon deals with all types of insurances life, medical, motor, marine, travel, workmen compensation, fire and burglary, public liability, cash and yaught.

• Office Online
A division of F.A Hosri, and your guide to easy supplies and services that offers you the opportunity to order from your own premises and at your convenient time.

At office online we look forward to serving and bringing you the best deals for all your office supplies and equipments, along with other services like printing jobs. Rest assured that we would strive to provide you with any product you find on the market and with the most competitive prices Website:

F.A. Hosri sal.

F. A. Hosri sal, established itself as a major Importer and Exporter of fast moving consumer goods in Lebanon in the year 2000. Today, F.A. Hosri provides logistics, warehousing and supply different products to the Lebanese and Middle East markets. Among other brands F. A. Hosri is the importer and distributor of Fisherman's friend lozenges in all Middle East countries and Ritter sport Chocolate for the Levant. F.A. Hosri enjoys a wide Clientele in the cash n carry's, supermarkets, wholesalers, food chains, Pharmacy and Horeca sectors. F.A. Hosri is a member of the Fernand Hosri group.

• Carijou SAL
Carijou s.a.l is a division of F.A. Hosri sal specialized in the creation, import and distribution of unique jewels with the highest quality silver 925 combined with semi precious, precious stones and Cubic Zirconia. Website:

IMFAH. s.c.i.

Real Estate / Property Management

Outside Lebanon
  • IMFAH s.c.i. , France.
  • Jorica Hoteliere France s.a.r.l., France.
  • Mese Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Jorica Traders Overseas, Cyprus.
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