When the whole world is waking up to the cruel reality that we are hurting our surroundings by abusing the resources and changing the landscapes with urban cultures, Sacotel takes measure to make sure its process and growth are not functioning on the expense of mother nature. Aside from our annual Ecofestival and Plantation day, during which we support the reforestation of our land and the plantation of trees offered by us to our customers, Sacotel enforces strict eco-friendly measures in its day to day process.

For waste reduction and efficiency, we start by the basics, which are the adaptation of a reduced printing strategy. Aside from the use of recycled papers, many reports are filled and filed electronically, along with the use of e-mails for all greeting purposes, therefore reducing the use of printed material to a strict minimum.

Sacotel's policy firmly requires shredding to reduce litter and recycling the maximum amount of corporate waste. While we at Sacotel switch from regular petroleum based garbage bags to biodegradable plastic bags (D2W), we proceed with changing our car fleet from station wagons to smaller less consuming cars, and we propose an Eco bonus for staff members who accept to shift from using cars to motorcycles and scooters. In the same efforts to minimize impact on the environment, Sacotel's interior furniture is mainly manufactured locally, requiring less transportation and therefore minimizing carbon footprints.

On an infrastructural level, Sacotel invests in energy consumption equipment in the new head quarters. We have proceeded with the installation of LED technology for all the main lights, VRV air-conditioning systems, window glazing and partitioning to maximize natural light, special glass films to reduce UV and improve isolation from heat and cold.

So from the smallest to the largest detail, we try our best to safeguard Mother Nature and avoid paying the price of our success with a degrading environment.

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