About Sacotel

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SACOTEL SAL has known a constant and steady growth expanding its line of business and weight on the markets it operates. Over 70% market share in the field of telecommunications and 40% market share in the field of security in Lebanon is a good indicator of the reputation Sacotel has earned over the past years. SACOTEL SAL is the exclusive agent and distributor in Lebanon for major brands such as Panasonic from Japan, Urmet from Italy, Elkron from Italy, Aprimatic from Italy, and FDI Matelec from France.

The recognition of the quality of our products is universal, but our pride is the quality of our service.

Sacotel is part of the Fernand Hosri Group of companies operating in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and France; in diversified fields such as Security and Telecommunications, Building Automation& Communication, Office Supplies and Equipment, FMGC, Distribution, Editing and Publishing, Insurance, Hotels and Restaurants, Property management.